BD Paint-A-Gate Pro - Flow cytometry data analysis Software

BD Paint-A-Gate™ Pro software is an interactive and intuitive tool (for research use only) that makes qualitative multiparameter analysis of flow cytometry data straightforward. Now available for Windows® operating systems, BD Paint-A-Gate Pro software uses a combination of color mixing and automated tools to visually capture the complex relationships within data.


  • Routine steps streamlined for faster analysis
  • Intuitive interface for pattern recognition in multiparameter flow cytometry
  • Powerful visualization tools highlight co-expression of markers
  • Flexible, easy-to-use interface for multiparameter analysis

With BD Paint-A-Gate Pro software, complex relationships between parameters are quickly revealed through the intersection of primary colors (red, green, blue) to form secondary colors (cyan, magenta [violet], yellow, white). The Cell Painting feature allows users to visually identify a group of cells on a dot plot and associate (ie, paint) them with one of the primary colors. Populations in a given plot are painted quickly and easily, using a mouse to draw a lasso around them. The selected cells are then immediately displayed in that color in all plots. Once each population has been painted with a color, the percentage of the total that each population represents is displayed across a color coded status bar at the top of the display.

Enhanced productivity through automated analysis

When the same cell has been painted first with one primary color and then again with a second primary color, it subsequently is displayed in the secondary color resulting from the intersection of those primary colors. For example, dual-positive cells painted with both red and blue are displayed in violet, triple-positive cells painted red, green, and blue are displayed in white. This provides an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use visual framework for data analysis. Various editing features allow users to follow these painting processes in iterative analysis paths through an effectively unlimited number of parameters.

The unique Autopaint feature enables users to set markers on single-parameter histograms to denote positive and negative ranges for up to three parameters. BD Paint-a-Gate Pro software then uses these ranges to automatically paint events in 2D or 3D plots based on those marker settings. This is a quick way to identify single, double, and triple-positive events.

A Paint-A-Gate Set document allows users to save the formats and steps performed during an analysis of a given FCS file and then replay those steps later with different data files from samples stained with the same reagent combination. All painting activities can be stored using the Record Analysis command. To analyze files subsequently acquired with the same reagent protocol, the recorded analysis procedure is played. Paint-a-Gate Set documents can be combined into a batch analysis protocol to automatically analyze and print results, as well as output results to tab-delimited files for spreadsheet input.

Decipher complex data relationships with advanced visualization tools

Powerful visualization tools make it easy to examine and analyze populations that can be difficult to resolve. BD Paint-A-Gate Pro software provides a Transformed SSC feature to scale the SSC axis of plots, enabling clearer visualization of events with lower SSC values. An interactive 3D plot provides the ability to view the data from any angle by simply moving the mouse over the plot. The least populous last (LPL) painting algorithm organizes the displayed populations by the number of cells they each contain, with the population containing the fewest cells in front, progressing to that containing the most cells in the back. This feature ensures that all populations are visible regardless of how few cells exist in them.

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