Seurat - Data sharing and visualization tool

Seurat: A powerful data sharing and visualization tool for all members of a discovery team

What Seurat can do for you...
- Compound and assay registration
- Search and query chemical, physical, and biological properties
- SAR: R-group analysis
- Elevate hits to leads, lead optimization, and PK analyses
- Share data with one-click Live Reports
- Plotting and visual data mining

Seurat streamlines data access and analysis from a broad mixture of in-house and in?licensed databases, reports, literature, and computational results by providing a wide array of tools for medicinal chemists, biologists, modelers, and IT professionals. Seurat is optimized specifically for small molecule screening, hit-to-lead, lead optimization, and preclinical analysis. Seurat facilitates cross?functional collaboration, resulting in better decision making and accelerated progress.

Seurat is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) that can work with any in-house and in-licensed data and present it in the most meaningful form to all members of a discovery team.

Software Link:  Seurat - Data sharing and visualization tool

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