MDCStore - Data Management Tool

MDCStore Data Management Solution for High Content Screening

Whether you operate in a small research lab or a large screening facility, make sure that all your imaging data is securely stored and fully accessible from the first image acquired to years of usage.

For Molecular Devices, to perform High Content Screening (HCS) in days instead of weeks doesn't only mean "to acquire and analyze millions of images." It also means managing the data deluge and being "able to connect the dots" to make the right decisions.

HCS instruments and High Content Analysis (HCA) generate daunting amounts of images, image segmentation, and extracted features; it is common to accumulate 5 terabytes of data for a 20,000 compound screen. The MDCStore™ Data Management Solution provides a powerful environment for HCS data storage, making it available for further analysis, and managing it over time. This organization of the HCS workflow allows you to make meaningful decisions from immense volumes of data and answer questions that cannot be answered without a proper management solution:
Does the same experimental condition have the same effect in multiple screens?
Is an outlier in a dose response an interesting phenotype or just a QC issue?
Are other experimental conditions producing images similar to this one?

The MDCStore Data Management Solution seamlessly integrates with the Molecular Devices complete set of tools for image acquisition (ImageXpress® confocal and widefield instruments), image analysis (MetaXpress® and MetaXpress® PoweCore™ Software), and cellular informatics (AcuityXpress™ Software), providing off-the-shelf capabilities to generate and interrogate data. A software development kit (SDK) is also available to enable communication with 3rd party hardware and software, integrate MDCStore Data Manager into an existing workflow, or facilitate additional applications.

Simple to install, the MDCStore Data Management Solution is also straightforward to maintain and manage with the MDCStoreTools utility.

Software Link:  MDCStore - Data Management Tool

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