BD Pathway - Imaging and microscopy software

The BD Pathway™ integrated software suite performs high-content cellular analysis from image acquisition and analysis to data analysis and visualization. The software is designed to accommodate different workflows from simple pushbutton control of predefined applications to advanced assay development.

Software for a full range of bioimaging users and applications

The BD Pathway™ software suite is ideal for high-content cellular analysis and accommodates a full range of bioimaging applications. It provides extensive acquisition, image analysis, data management, and query capabilities to suit the needs of all users, from beginners to advanced HCA professionals.

The BD Pathway software suite provides a complete solution, from image acquisition and analysis to data analysis, visualization, and data management. A comprehensive solution for high-content analysis, the suite allows you to run most HCA applications without the need to purchase additional software. The software suite is both powerful and flexible, delivering a variety of analysis tools. It supports standard unencrypted 16-bit TIF and BMP file formats and exports delimited text files, allowing migration of data to third-party software. The BD Pathway™ 855 platform enables the software to run a number of dynamic live-cell applications including calcium flux and other time-lapse imaging experiments.

Easy setup and acquisition

For routine analysis, predefined applications are set up by researchers and stored in the system for easy access with a single click. The Assay Launch dialog allows users to quickly select a routine application, enter the wells of the plate to be analyzed, and run the assay.

Imaging of live cell dynamics

The BD Pathway™ 855 system supports a variety of live cell imaging applications such as calcium kinetics using single- or dual-wavelength dyes. With the included liquid handling capability, compound additions can be coordinated with imaging to ensure analysis of events in real time.

Data management for high-content analysis

BD Biosciences offers key features to effectively manage data generated by BD Pathway™ high-content bioimagers. High-content applications typically generate enormous amounts of image and analysis data. It is crucial for users to manage and query this data effectively. BD AttoVision™ software data management works seamlessly with an SQL-based server so that researchers achieve and maintain increased expertise from their experiments.

Advanced capabilities for image montage and 3D visualization

BD Pathway™ 435 and 855 hardware-enabled features, such as high-precision x,y,z linear-motor positioning, allow the software to deliver precise image montage (tiling) without the need for processing known as stitching." The hardware and software also work together in confocal Z Stack acquisition to allow out-of-focus haze to be removed for improved image quality and analysis."

Detailed Pricing

$17,500 for commercial users $12,500 for academic users 

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