Software to analyse Pharmacokinetics - Phoenix® WinNonlin®

Phoenix® WinNonlin® - Next Generation of the Industry Standard for PK/PD Modeling and NCA

Phoenix WinNonlin improves scientific productivity during critical drug development tasks by providing a comprehensive analysis environment that implements efficient reusable workflows and high quality outputs while reducing barriers to learning and collaboration, enabling more impactful quantitative decision making.

Phoenix WinNonlin offers the following benefits:

Comprehensive Analysis Environment: Perform virtually all of the analyses for standard PK and PK/PD studies.
Efficient Workflow Management: Create, reuse, and share analyses as stored workflows. Easily process, visualize, and tabulate data while allowing the flexibility to edit in Excel.
High Quality Outputs: Generate high-quality graphs, tables, and figures allowing for integrated communication of analysis results.
Easy to Learn and Share: Minimize the amount of time spent learning the software and promote collaboration through easily transferable project files, workflows, and templates.
Enables Compliance: Provide technical controls for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance when used in conjunction with Pharsight Knowledgebase Server™.

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