BioLT™ Literature Mining Tool

BioLT™ Literature Mining Tool
The BioLT™ Literature Mining Tool is a customizable tool for intuitive and structured text mining. BioLT version 2.0 combines biological and medical term dictionaries with powerful free-text querying capabilities. The tool provides comprehensive and structured answers to complex questions. Search results can be used for iterative refinement and extension of queries.

BioLT results can be made part of larger semantic networks within the BioXM Knowledge Management Environment. Text-mining information, such as relationships between genes, diseases and compounds can be graphically displayed, curated and linked. For example, Biomax provides the Oncology Knowledge Base data in the BioXM system.

Overcomes cumbersome and laborious search strategies
Supports keyword-driven and hypothesis-driven searches
Provides fast generation of domain-specific overviews
Extracts comprehensive and structured information using extendable biomedical dictionaries
Supports project-driven biomedical text analyses
Provides literature data for inclusion in knowledge management systems

Complete and precise data mining from free text
Powerful query language (using Boolean operators, dictionaries, wildcards and topics)
Large and extendable biomedical dictionary foundation (covers diseases, genes, compounds, taxonomy, etc.)
Automatic vocabulary generation for any domain
Acronym detection tool for greater precision
Several ranking methods (chi-square, cosine, etc.)

Flexible access:
Yearly subscription to the Biomax Web portal to extract information from the MEDLINE database using any common Web browser
Customized installation to extract information from other public or proprietary text sources

Software Link: BioLT™ Literature Mining Tool

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