GeneSifter Analysis Edition - Next Generation Sequencing software

From Data To Results
When using microarray or Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in genomic research, you need powerful analysis software that helps you quickly visualize the mountain of data and mine it for biological significance.

For over 14 years, GeneSifter has helped establish industry best practices and built those standards into an intuitive, easy to use software. Designed by biologists specifically for biologists, GeneSifter combines both secondary (alignment) and tertiary (experimental) data analysis in one complete package.

Anytime, Anywhere Access
Work from any computer or mobile device with secure web browser access.

Pay As You Go
Pay for only what you use. No hardware, no software, no data storage to buy and maintain. Get value from the first dollar and keep in budget with affordable predictable pricing.

Best Practices and Pipelines
Quickly review alignment, QC statistics, annotation information and easily compare data from multiple samples.

Scalable and Flexible
As analysis demands change in size and different platforms emerge, GeneSifter scales and evolves to support you.

Supports Multiple Appications
Compare sample data across multiple applications including whole transcriptome, small RNA, ChiP-seq, exome and targeted resequencing.

Platform Independent
Supports all microarrays and NGS platforms. Instrument independent data analysis and data shared between multiple users.

Software Link: GeneSifter Analysis Edition - Next Generation Sequencing software

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