KaryoStudio - Software for Cytogenetics

Illumina's standalone KaryoStudio software package offers functionalities specifically designed for the cytogenetics lab. Developed in collaboration with molecular cytogeneticists, KaryoStudio software provides a user-friendly interface for loading, displaying, and analyzing data using simple, easy-to-use workflows along with cross-matching and reporting functions. This software solution supports analysis of data generated by Illumina's Infinium HD BeadChips including the HumanCytoSNP-12 BeadChip.

KaryoStudio Highlights
Simplified Analysis: Offers user-friendly, intuitive analysis of Infinium HD BeadChip data
Filters: Allows for customization of data and inclusion or exclusion of benign CNVs
Automated Detection: Identifies aberrant regions with 0-4 copies including loss of heterozygosity
Integrated Chromosomal Browser: Displays gene information, found regions, and regions previously associated with phenotypes
Cross-matching: Links to databases such as the Database of Genomic Variants, UCSC genome browser, and DECIPHER for further data analysis
Adjustable Database: Enables use of standard region list, or customer-selected regions and phenotypes for cross-matching
Reporting: Generates PDF reports summarizing results
Comprehensive User Guide: Describes recommended workflows, how to analyze data, and how to generate report.

Software Link:  KaryoStudio - Software for Cytogenetics

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