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ADMET Predictor™ is an advanced computer program that enables pharmaceutical researchers to rapidly estimate a number of ADMET properties of new chemical entities (NCE's) from their molecular structure. ADMET Predictor™ models have been consistently ranked as the most accurate in independent published comparisons.

What makes ADMET Predictor unique?

ACCURACY: its predictive models have been consistently ranked as the most accurate by independent third party comparisons.
SPEED: it can process up to ~200,000 compounds per hour on a notebook PC.
EASE OF USE: using the program is as simple as opening a file containing molecular structures.
OUTPUT OPTIONS: it provides a variety of output channels to store, transfer, or visualize its results quickly and efficiently.
BATCH CAPABILITY: it has a built-in batch mode and can run as a Pipeline Pilot™ component.
NOVEL DESCRIPTORS: it features a unique collection of rapid estimates of quantum mechanical descriptors of electronic density and reactivity at both atomic and molecular levels - a result of federally funded 3-year research project.

Software Link:  ADMET Predictor - Pharmacology Software

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