Labnotes - Electronic Laboratory Notebook ELN

Labnotes offers both a secure environment to protect the integrity of both your data and process, whilst also affording you the flexibility to adopt new processes or changes to existing processes without recourse to further software development. The package architecture is of a modular design, so as to offer the benefit of minimising validation costs of any subsequent changes that you may wish to make in the future as your needs change.

Labnotes is an "out of the box" solution that as standard has fully configurable forms to comply with the requirements of regulated analytical groups through to a sophisticated electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) for inclusion of structures, spectra, chromatograms, pictures, text, etc where a preconfigured form is less appropriate. All data within Labnotes is stored in an Oracle database and is therefore fully searchable. The unique flexibility of Labnotes means that data can be collected, stored and retrieved through any combination of forms and/or ELN that best meets the requirements of the user.

Labnotes is an established software package already well proven and in use across a broad spectrum of regulated environments. This is complemented by the development partnership between software and scientific professionals. The resulting product therefore encompasses the best practices in GLP and GMP environments and facilitates an "out of the box" solution, but with the flexibility to accommodate existing and future client needs without recourse to expensive reprogramming and validation.

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