Nexxis ELN - Electronic Laboratory Notebook ELN

Nexxis ELN is an electronic notebook software solution that meets the needs of both routine QC/QA requirements as well as the unstructured requirements of an R&D group. One electronic lab notebook will meet all your needs.

Labtronics' ReDI™ technology is the industry's fastest ELN deployment technology for converting your labs paper-based forms into electronic notebooks. Nexxis ELN delivers immediate returns to the laboratory by going paperless.

Electronic lab notebooks will:
  • Eliminate illegibility problems created by hard to read hand writing.
  • Eliminate problems due to lost or damaged paper forms or paper notebooks.
  • Eliminate the waiting while someone else uses your paper notebook.
  • Eliminate paper storage and retrieval costs.
Nexxis ELN with ReDI is the e-notebook that provides instant relief from the headaches of paper management.

Nexxis ELN is a zero foot-print web based solution. Removing the need to install software on the client reduces your installation costs, your validation costs and it will reduce your ongoing maintenance costs.

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks are not stand-alone systems. Labtronics understands this and we have designed Nexxis ELN to be highly integrated to all lab systems including such things as LIMS, SDMS, ERP, Training Management, and Inventory management. The majority of this integration is provided right out of the box.

Nexxis ELN uses an embedded SDMS (Scientific Data Management System) to improve access to data. It meets regulatory compliance requirements with full electronic security and audit trail.

Software Link: Nexxis ELN - Electronic Laboratory Notebook ELN

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