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MatrixAnalyzer is a plug-in application to AnalyzerPro. It enables fast and accurate comparison to be made across multiple sample acquisitions and helps to determine key sample changes. Relative changes can be determined by including an internal injection standard.

MatrixAnalyzer extends the capabilies of AnalyzerPro to enable a fast and accurate comparison of a data set.

Accurate Mass Capable - handles high precision data as well as integer mass
Unlimited Matrix size - large data sets can be handled
Internal Standard option - relative and absolute variations can be tracked together
Component Base Peak Processing - allows for broad matching criteria
Exportable Data Sets - allows use of third party statistical analysis tools
Responses calculated on height or area - provides flexibility
Retention Index Compatible - where a Target Component Library has been created using retention indices.

Software Link: MatrixAnalyzer - Spectroscopy Softwares

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