ToxExpress - Toxicology Software

ToxExpress® Program is a flexible and enabling program that brings the power of toxicity-based gene expression coupled with classical toxicology endpoints to lead optimization and drug safety studies.

Toxicogenomic profiling can accelerate the pace of uncovering critical information before making significant investments into Preclinical studies. The use of microarrays to examine gene expression profiles of compounds in animal systems, when benchmarked to large reference data sets, helps establish accurate predictive methods that identify potential toxic liabilities, even in the absence of overt injury. In addition, Gene Logic's ToxExpress® Program helps to streamline, focus and augment subsequent classical studies through specialized applications that support key research areas of predictive, investigative, and mechanistic toxicology as well as safety biomarker discovery.

The products and services that comprise our ToxExpress® Program can transform and augment your critical Preclinical toxicological programs. With one service provider, you have direct access to the full spectrum of compound safety assessment technologies, providing powerful, innovative ways of resolving drug development questions and enabling targeted compound decisions.

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