ModFit LT - Flow Cytometry Software

ModFit LT follows the proud tradition of its predecessors - innovative features and unmatched flexibility to analyze even the most difficult DNA patterns. This is by far the most versatile DNA analysis software we have ever offered, featuring AutoDebris™, AutoAggregates™, AutoLinearity™, and exceptional batch processing. Powerful database support and an intuitive interface make this software a necessity in your laboratory.

ModFit LT is the only software that provides open-ended modeling of flow cytometry histograms. Models for use with cell-tracking dye studies and synchronized cell lines are built right into the software. It is, simply, the industry standard.

Fast, Accurate, Automatic Analysis
Trained on thousands of sample files, ModFit LT features a robust automatic analysis engine. With sophisticated peak detection, the system identifies ploidy patterns and dynamically creates models to match. Improvements like AutoDebris™, AutoAggregate™, and AutoLinearity™ make analysis more robust and consistent from one user to the next. No other cell cycle analysis software comes close!

Cycle Analyzer™
Ploidy determinations are no longer bound to the peak order. Make use of internal standards or an external reference to determine which cycle is classified as Diploid. Any number of cell cycles can be analyzed.

Customized Reports
From letterhead graphics to text, ModFit LT imports from the clipboard everything you need to create your own reusable report templates. Save your custom reports with all the text formatting, analysis information, and even the histogram data.

Stored Comments And Impressions
Create your comments just once and ModFit LT allows you to store them in a quick retrieval database. You provide a convenient description for the comment and ModFit LT does the rest. ModFit LT is what cytometery software should be: simple to use and feature rich.

Database And Graphic Output
ModFit LT allows you to automatically add to a database each time you analyze a data file. Select the items you want to database from an extensive list of results and keywords supported in the sample. Output is in a simple tab delimited format so it can be easily opened by programs like Microsoft Excel and laboratory information systems. Histograms and report graphics can be easily exported in standard graphic formats for use by other programs.

Batch Processing
Process groups of data files with ease using ModFit LT. The batch system automatically loads data, analyzes, and saves reports and graphics. Plus, you can batch process reports for easy review of analysis and printing. Convenient VCR-style buttons make it easy to move through the batch of files or reports.

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