SeqAssem - Contig Sequence Assembly Software

SeqAssem -  Contig Sequence Assembly Software


  • View, edit and proofread DNA sequences and on-the-fly assembly of partial sequences into contigs
  • Imports files of the following formats: SCF 2.0, 3.0, ABI, AB1, FASTA.
  • Saves all information in small project files.
  • Shows estimation of total sequence quality (bad, intermediate, good).
  • Sorts sequences by quality, contig number, file name, ... or just arrange sequences by drag & drop.
  • Edit bases and compare with their peaks in the electropherograms.
  • Original trace data files are not altered.
  • Small-sized project files: electropherogram data is excluded from project files.
  • Restore original sequences by a single mouse click!
Software Link:  SeqAssem -  Contig Sequence Assembly Software

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