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AnalyzerPro is a data deconvolution software application for LC-MS and GC-MS data. It utilizes proprietary algorithms to detect obscured components that existing software is unable to find without additional information.

Some of the key features of AnalyzerPro are shown below:

Deconvolution of GC-MS & LC-MS data
Supports for all major manufacturer's instruments and legacy instruments
Targeted and non-Targeted Analysis
Correction for baseline drift
Extraction of closely co-eluting peaks
Automatic spectral enhancement
Qualitative Analysis
Quantitative Processing using external or internal standards
Combined Quan and Qual reports
Batch processing
Component purity calculation
Command line interface
Mass defect processing
DFTPP processing
Multiple sample comparison
Overlay multiple component chromatograms
Overlay component ions
M/Z searching
Seamless Integration with NIST libraries
Elemental composition
Results searching
Tabular display of results
Processing Trail
Audit Trail
Integration with RemoteAnalyzer®
Background file subtraction
Accurate mass compatible
Print chromatograms / spectra
Copy chromatograms / spectra as metafiles
Charge State Deconvolution
Multiple screen layout
Custom Reports
Online, telephone and email support

Many other features and benefits come as standard. Some are more specialised than others and by downloading a trial coy or requesting a demonstration we can show you how AnalyzerPro can assist with your particular application.

Software Link: AnalyzerPro - Spectroscopy Softwares

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