GastroPlus - Pharmacology Software

GastroPlus™ is a mechanistically based simulation software package that simulates intravenous, oral, oral cavity, ocular, intranasal and pulmonary absorption, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics in humans and animals. This smoothly integrated platform combines a user-friendly interface with powerful science to help you make faster ad more informed project decisions. GastroPlus™ is by far the most commonly used software of its kind!

The GastroPlus simulations include:

NEW! Drug-Drug Interactions (with optional DDI Module)
NEW! Models for predicting drug administration through ocular or pulmonary routes (with optional Additional Dosage Routes Module)
• Whole-body physiological models for human (fasted and fed), beagle dog (fasted and fed), rat (fasted and fed), mouse (fasted and fed), and cyno monkey
• Variety of dosage forms: intravenous (bolus or infusion), immediate release (tablet, capsule, suspension, solution, lingual spray, and sublingual tablet), and controlled release (gastric retention, dispersed release, integral tablet, enteric coated tablet and capsule, and buccal patch)
• Peff converter to convert user-measured permeability to human in vivo Peff
• pH-dependent solubility and logD models
• Mechanistic effect of bile salts on in vivo drug solubility and dissolution
• Enhanced treatment of nanoparticle effects on solubility and dissolution
• Dissolution and precipitation dependence on particle size, shape and particle density
• Chemical degradation of drug in intestinal lumen prior to absorption
• Enterohepatic circulation
• Parameter Sensitivity Analysis - test sensitivity of results to changes in any model parameters
• Virtual Trials - predict likely population distributions of PK/PD results
• Ability to fit one-, two-, or three-compartment conventional pharmacokinetic models to IV and/or oral data (with optional PKPlus Module)
• Physiologically based pharmacokinetics (with optional PBPKPlus Module)
• Automated model fitting for single or multiple data sets (with optional Optimization Module)
• Saturable metabolism and active transport in gut or other tissues and metabolite tracking (with optional Metabolism and Transporter Module)
• Advanced In Vitro - In Vivo Correlation for immediate or controlled release formulations (with optional IVIVCPlus Module)
• Structure-based predictions of biopharmaceutical parameters required for GastroPlus simulations (with optional ADMET Predictor Module)
• Pharmacodynamic modeling (PK/PD or PBPK/PD) with industry standard models (with optional PDPlus Module)

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