DNAnexus - Sequence Data analysing software

DNAnexus provides solutions for both DNA sequencing centers growing their next-gen capacity, and researchers working with next-gen sequence data. Our web-based platform solves the data management and analysis challenges common to both with a single, unified system.

DNAnexus is built from the ground up to run on Amazon Web Services, the world's leading cloud computing provider. Our solution delivers not just software, but also all the computing and storage infrastructure. 100,000s of CPUs and 100s of petabytes of storage are available to you through DNAnexus, which acquires those resources on demand, allowing our pricing to mirror your usage. We support sequencing operations and research organizations of virtually any size, with absolutely no upfront hardware investment needed.

For core facilities with one instrument or sequence centers with 100 instruments, you can connect your sequencing output to DNAnexus in as little as 10 minutes. Learn more about what DNAnexus can do for your next-gen data management.

For researchers with a single lane of data, or for large commercial life science research organizations, DNAnexus can give you the right tools for your work, and the ability to scale up your research instantly in the future. Get started immediately without any setup or configuration.

Software Link: DNAnexus - Sequence Data analysis

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