Sequencher 5.0 - DNA sequence data anaylsing Software

Sequencher 5.0 from Gene Codes Corporation takes you from DNA sequence data to results easier and faster than ever! Over 20 years of daily use by biologists in labs around the world have refined Sequencher's tools and interface. You get the power and speed to get accurate results from your DNA analysis, and get back in the lab more quickly. Whether you need DNA sequence assembly and analysis tools for next-generation or traditional (Sanger or Capillary Electrophoresis) DNA data sets, Sequencher 5.0 will guide you toward results.

Next-generation DNA data sets:
  • Maq and GSNAP alignment algorithms
  • SNP analysis and methylation studies
  • Tablet Viewer

Traditional DNA data sets:
  • Multiple, configurable DNA Assembly algorithms
  • Comprehensive DNA sequence editing tools
  • Full support of sequence data confidence values

Next-generation or Traditional DNA data analysis features:
  • Powerful reference sequence alignment
  • Variance Table to discover SNPs quickly and easily
  • Extensive data import and export capabilities
  • NCBI BLAST search
  • Forensic mtDNA profiling

Software Link:  Sequencher 5.0

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