GenomeQuest - Sequence data management (SDM) platform

At the core of GenomeQuest is the GQ-Engine - a database engine that is purpose-built for storing, managing, and analyzing sequence data at NGS scale.

GenomeQuest is the world's leading sequence data management (SDM) platform. Researchers use state-of-the-art tools to store, manage, and analyze genomic data. Bioinformatics teams get a development platform to customize workflows, build applications, and unify their sequence data environment. IT and business managers can efficiently scale to NGS across discovery operations.

Science Applications
GenomeQuest provides cutting-edge computational, querying, and visualization tools along with applications that accelerate research and discovery.

Built-In Collaboration
A web-based dashboard offers easy access to everything your team needs - including compute resources, sequence datasets, and discovery tools.

High Performance Infrastructure
GenomeQuest is purpose-built for large-scale sequence data management and analysis, utilizing cloud-based, embarassingly parallel" computing.

Unified Database for all Sequence Data


Software Link: GenomeQuest

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