VeraCode Assay Designer software

The VeraCode Assay Designer software streamlines the development of low- to mid-plex genotyping assays using VeraCode Universal Capture Beads. Simply import list of desired targets in FASTA format by dbSNP accession number, or directly insert sequence information and select the design parameters. The software outputs multiple allele-specific primer extension assay designs scored on multiplex compatibility, GC content, melting temperature, likelihood of primer dimmers, and folding. Results are easily exported for straightforward purchasing of consumables and running on the BeadXpress Reader.

VeraCode Assay Designer Highlights
Streamlined Interface: Simply input target sequences and the software automatically designs multiplex assays
Flexible Assay Design: Automatically incorporate capture bead sequence or manually assign bead codes
Customizable Design Parameters: Manually select parameters for increased control, use pre-set criteria, or allow the software to use preset design parameters.

Software Link:  VeraCode Assay Designer software

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